Review on Racing Rivals ios and android app

Apple’s app store is not a place that is new for the racing games where the design is very simple and is forgiven. It is something that is not warranted. This is the game which is really as appealing as the playing part like that of the design too. It is really something enjoyable for you to play a game with multiplayer in that so that things can be really good for you. This is something that can be much easier to grasp and you can easily find that it is the one that has got genuine challenge represented in it early as second match with campaign. You can start the game by taking one of the starter cars that is available in showroom. It can then be headed towards drag strip for either multiplayer mode or campaign mode. There are three buttons you have in racing rivals to work with which are shift, accelerator and launch button. There is no need for you to worry about steering car when you are playing the game.


The setup of the racing rivals is something very simple to look at in first place and when you actually go into the game then you may be able to understand that Cie Games have really captured the right amount of complexity necessary for making the best and satisfying iPhone game. This is the game with reflexes above all. Success of the game is there in handling the delicate accelerator so that you can easily review when there is light kicks off race. It may require you to handle time of the shifts on exact moment when there is line of the blue dots that may lead to green. It is not as easier as it may sound to you. The margin for the error to occur is very thin and if you have not done the revved up of car properly then you may easily make the opponent win the race. There are chances for you to start much early when you hot on launch button by an accident. This can be something like giving your chances of victory to the opponent.


There is no need for you to worry much if the timing is not that perfect for you. There are chances for the opponent to miss some shifts that are crucial so that you can easily make up for the time that is lost when the car is decked out really well through the upgrades from showroom.

Free to Play Game

This is a game which has got the nature of free to play. It is the game in which there is a huge emphasize for making transactions with the premium currency. Most of the part of it are meant for licensed cars that you can buy with the gems through shop. It is possible to purchase the upgrades through the winning that you make. There is no need for you to worry about the micro transactions as most of the things are not happened out of force.

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